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Susan Saltzgiver Designs creates counted cross stitch designs. My designs may be
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Quilt Blocks - 5 Sided
When we stitch we are
like mushrooms and moles -
Our best work is done
while we are "hidden away".
After seeing someone cross stitching and being fascinated by the picture forming
on a blank piece of fabric, I began cross-stitching in 1984.  I found I was frequently
altering the designs - colors, additions, design changes.  My husband wanted a
mermaid, and since I could not find a pattern that suited me, I created my first
design, "Fisherman's Dream".

I thank the Good Lord for having given me enough ability and creativity to make my
own counted cross stitch pattern.

The mermaid 'picture' was large (203 stitches by 274 stitches) and contained many
small images to go with the mermaid.  It was designed by hand using pen and ink
on 16 sheets of paper graphs (not counting the many sheets used when changes
were made).  I worked at designing and stitching and changing it for 5 years until it
was completed.  I used blends for some of the colors, partial stitches, and blending
filament. A 'split quadruple' stitch was created, and the rainbow was layered with
the sky and water.  With that accomplished, I figured I could do almost anything. See completed design here: Fishermans Dream

In 1994, I got my first, very primitive design program for the computer, which has
been followed by several much more advanced programs.  I have been creating
my own designs ever since.  However, there is a big difference between
designing a 'picture' and making a quality chart.  Many updates have been made
through the years to keep them current and desirable.

When we would go to the ocean, I would be inside stitching all day and no one
would know I was around.  My husband often said I was like a mushroom or mole,
hidden away doing my 'thing'.  Thus the saying above, "When we stitch we are
like mushrooms and moles - Our best work is done while we are 'hidden away'!"
My designs cover a vast array of subjects.  I often say my designs are 'eclectic'.

Colors and the shading needed to make things look 'right' have always been
important to me,  I have used many different items to accomplish the finished
results and embellishment that each design 'needs' - hand dyed flosses, silk floss,
satin floss, wool floss, metallic threads, cotton floss, pearl cotton, beads, glass
treasures and the like.

Stitching may be done on Aida, even weave, linen, hand dyed fabric, hand painted
fabric, and on patterned (afghan) fabric.

Inspiration has come from family and their interests and activities, photographs,
religion, special occasions, colors, surroundings, or even things I read on the

Probably my favorite designs are Memories of Parenthood, Precious Baby,
and Asleep in a Manger, although there are many other designs I really like.
Memories of Parenthood won the People’s Choice Award at the Creative Arts and Textiles Show in
Lancaster, PA,  in 2001.  It is a working clock that uses designs instead of numbers to show the repeating
stages children of each generation go through as they grow up.  Like a clock going from one number
position to another, so do children pass through one stage after another.  See the design by clicking the
"Family" button above.

Precious Baby has a total of 7 different ethnic baby images that can be used interchangeably for the
desired appearance.  Babies really do look different.  With this design, stitchers can stitch a baby like
their own.  See the design by clicking the "Baby / Child /  Kidlin" button above.

Asleep in a Manger is dedicated in memory of my brother-in-law, the Rev. John P.McDowell, who passed
from this life on May 7, 2008.  It is unique in the use of numerous types of threads and methods of stitchery
with them.  (Gentle Arts Simply Wool hand dyed threads, DMC linen floss, DMC cotton embroidery floss, DMC
Light Effects Metallic floss, directional stitching, and blends are used together to get just the desired effect.  
Metallic enhanced fabric gives the finishing touch as it simulates the 'glow' of the halo and of the Holy Child.  
Click "Religious Designs" or "Christmas" on the navigation bar above to see this design.

There are also many newer designs that are shown on various pages that are 'favorites'.
I no longer sell retail.  My designs are now available as downloads through download site distributors.  
Links on each detail page are provided to those sites.  New designs and updated and converted to pdf
older designs are frequently added to those sites.

While I can no longer walk independently due to a rare neurologic condition, and have become very slow,
I'm still able, by the grace of God, to use my computer and to cross stitch - even though it is with a
more effort.   This allows me to share my love of counted cross stitch with others.
Many of my designs are easy to stitch.  They appeal to a wide range of interests and
abilities.  I also like to push the envelope and design things that are done differently
than usual.  My samplers are created so that even a novice can have the satisfaction
of stitching a beautiful, perennial favorite (specialty stitches are not used).  Accurate
designs allow the new stitcher to be successful.  I enjoy sharing the possibilities of
cross stitch with new and experienced stitchers alike.
Charts are large, clear, and easy to read.  A large picture of the piece is on the cover.  
Thorough instructions are provided.  All the items needed to complete the design as
shown are listed.
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