SSD-POL-C53                               Tuesday - Ironing

7” x 8 1/8” - 99 stitches w by 114 stitches h

These counted cross-stitch designs
show the priorities for each day of the week.  
The borders are the same design on all seven days,
but different colors are used for each day.   
The day of the week appears at the top of each design,
and the main activity of the day is listed
in the space at the bottom of the design.  
Stitcher may use any colors
of the borders interchangeably.

Tuesday is the traditional day for ironing.  
Shown are the ironing board robed in a flowered cover,
the iron plugged in and ready for use,
the wicker laundry basket full of items to be ironed,
a rack with hangers awaiting ironed items,
a stack of ironed and folded laundry,
a shelf unit holding useful items,
a clock on the wall on which the time may be changed
by the stitcher, and the family cat.

Mostly whole stitches, with a few backstitches
(hangers, clock hands) are used.

Materials needed:
Antique White Jobelan 28 count (429-101)
May also use Aida 14 count (357-101) OR
Country French Soft Touch Aida 14 count (367-101)
from Wichelt Imports.
(If the stitchery is to be used in a quilt,
the Jobelan evenweave and
the Country French Soft Touch Aida
are wonderfully soft.)

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