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Quilt Blocks - 5 Sided
Mushrooms and Moles logo - by Susan Saltzgiver Designs
When we stitch we are
like mushrooms and moles -
Our best work is done
while we are "hidden away".
3 of the colors used in "Praise God"
do not appear on the charts.  
They should appear as follows:  
Even with extremely careful, repeated proofing,
and although it rarely occurs, mistakes can slip through.  

Susan Saltzgiver Designs, Mushrooms and Moles,
will provide all corrections here
as soon as I am aware that they exist.
Tawny-VY LT
Desert Sand-VY LT
Terra Cotta-UL VY LT
This chart has been corrected, however, charts that are already in shops may
need this change.  Charts were sent to Hoffman Distributing to supply the
shops before the need for a change was known.
3779 is a heart.