SSD-POL-C141- Turquoise Delight

8.07” x 11.64” - 113 sts w by 163 sts h

This image features the typical, long thought of,
western, native American triangle and diamond
design in colors (turquoise and coral) appropriate
to that area.   Whole stitches are used

Materials needed:
Color fabric of choice  (recommend antique ivory) -
  color that contrasts with design and coordinates
  with decor where design will be displayed.

Designer suggests Jobelan 28 count Antique Ivory
   (429-120) OR  Lambswool (429-146)  OR
   Aida 14 count Antique Ivory (355-120) OR
   Lambswool (357-135) OR Linen 28 count -
   Lambswool variegated (76-135L) - all from
   Wichelt Imports Inc.
DMC 6 strand embroidery floss

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