SSD-C59 - Ultimate Love

1 5/8 -1 7/8” w by 11/2 -2” h each - 23-27 stitches w by 22-28 stitches h

Three cross-stitch designs (“Out Of Love” - shows the three crosses which represent the extent of the lengths Christ would go
to in loving us so much that he would pay for our sins for us.  The middle cross is embellished with gold metallic thread ‘rays’
for the holy person who was crucified there -, “He Is Risen” - shows the victory over the grave that is the real reason for the
celebration of Easter.  The design is embellished with gold metallic thread for the angel’s halo and attire, but especially for the
wording which is such an important part of the Christian faith -, and “Crown Of Thorns”) are spiritual designs that have been
accepted by Christians through the years as representations of faith.  The images use DMC embroidery and metallic floss.  
On “He Is Risen”, gold metallic thread embellishes the design as it is used for a halo and to outline the garment on the angel,
and for the wording “HE IS RISEN”.  Garnet backstitches are used for the wording on “Out Of Love”, and “Crown Of Thorns”.

The images are on pre-finished ovals ready to be finished to be decorative on both sides (with detailed finishing instructions
provided) and hung as decorations after a ribbon is laced through the lace edge of the medallions.  The ribbons will provide
unique accents to the motifs.

Materials used for models:
Pre-finished 2 3/4” x 3 1/2”, 14 count Aida ovals with lace edges OR may use any cross stitch fabric including waste canvas.
Very Fine (#4) Braid from Kreinik Manufacturing, Inc.
Seasonal or Contrasting Fabric - Batting (or felt) - Ribbon - 1/8” wide - Beading Needle

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Crown of Thorns
Out of Love
He Is Risen
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