SSD-C117 - Asleep in a Manger

9” w by 9” h - 126 stitches w by 126 stitches h

This cross-stitch design shows the Baby Jesus asleep
in the manger.  The Gentle Art Simply Wool enhances
the stitched effect of all the linens / clothing - His
‘swaddling clothes’.  DMC Linen floss fibers give the
hay a more natural look.  Directional stitching, guided
by the 6 page directional stitching guide,allows the
fabrics to be shown as they were woven long ago.  
The use of the various types of floss create a unique
design.  Metallic enhanced fabric was used to simulate
the glow produced by the halo and surrounding the
Holy Child.  Whole stitches are used throughout.

Materials used for model:
14 count DMC Aida - metallic gold 5282 (DC27U)
DMC 6 strand 100% cotton embroidery floss
DMC 6 strand linen floss
DMC Light Effects floss
Gentle Arts Simply Wool hand-dyed floss from The
Gentle Art   1-614-855-8346
11 1/4” x 11 1/4” - VSGT (Victorian Secret Garden
Trellis) frame from East Side Mouldings - 1-800-840
(Be sure to measure the stitched design as various
fabrics can alter the size  frame needed.)

This truly unique and different Christmas design is
dedicated to my brother-in-law, the Reverend John P.
McDowell, who in 2008, passed into the glorious
realm of heaven.

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