SSD-POL-C103 - Jeweled Frogs

6 1/2” X 9” - 91 stitches w by 126 stitches h

One large frog, 3 medium frogs, and 9 tadpoles are
featured in this design. Beautiful green emeralds
create all the jewels.  The gold attachments, formed
by metallic threads, add the finishing touches for
frog lovers everywhere.  The design is especially
striking when stitched on black fabric.  Whole
stitches are used.

Recommended flosses:
3 DMC Embroidery Flosses
1 DMC Light Effects Floss

Suggested fabrics:
Jobelan 28 count - Black (429-95) OR White (429-0)
OR Aida 14 count - Black (3706-95) OR White
(357- 61).from Wichelt Imports.  (This design is
much more dramatic on black.)

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