SSD-POL-C465 - Happy Bunny Day

9.71” x12.64” - 136 sts w by 177 sts h

Various designs are assembled in the shape of the
traditional chocolate bunny associated with
decorated egg and candy baskets.  Bunny rabbits,
chicks, and ducklings are featured.    Spring
flowers are displayed (iris, tulip, daffodil, pansies,
crocus, violets and the like).  Baskets of colored
eggs and jelly beans are included.  Colors may be
changed as desired.  Wording and other images
outside the sitting rabbit design are optional.

Suggested materials:
Jobelan 28 count - Star Sapphire (429-213)).OR
Aida 14 count - Minty Green Opalescent
(3706-6219) from Wichelt Imports Inc.
DMC embroidery floss

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