SSD-C05  -  Memories of Parenthood

167 stitches w by 167 stitches h - 11 7/8"x 11 7/8"

The model of this design was the WINNER of the
“People’s Choice Award” at a CATS (Creative Arts
and Textiles) 3-day Show,in Lancaster, PA, 2001.

Create a unique working clock using this design.  
Clear and concise details make your efforts accurate
and rewarding.

This design is an actual clock with hands that go
around, passing pictures in each number position,
representing all the achievements that are a part of
growing up, and that repeat for each generation.  The
images surround the words “Memories of Parenthood”
and an area of flowers.

The graph is very clear, and sized for easy reading,
and there are four pages of instructions to make your
finished product as beautiful and memorable as the

Materials used for model:
Jobelan 28 count Dusty Green / Olive Green (429-
Mill Hill Glass Beads in Peacock Blue (42029) and
Black (42014) from Wichelt Imports, Inc.
Walnut Hollow Clock Quartz Movement with 3/4” stem
Walnut Hollow Clock Crafts hands - minute hand (3”),
and hour hand (2 1/4”)
DMC 6 strand embroidery floss

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