SSD-POL-C44 - On the Fourth Day

7” x 8 1/8” - 99 stitches w by 114 stitches h

This is from the beginning of the bible about the
creation of the earth.  The border features the
colors - scarlet, blue, purple, and gold - ordered to
be used when building the tabernacle tent for God.  
On the fourth day, God created days and seasons.  
The center is decoratively divided into four
seasons, showing a tree as it would look at different
times - day, night, and in the 4 seasons.  Above the
image is “ON THE FOURTH DAY” and below is
“DAYS / SEASONS”.  All whole stitches are used.

Materials needed:
White Jobelan 28 count (429-0) OR Aida 14 count
(357-0) from Wichelt Imports.

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